50 Ways to Lose Your Ranking

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(Apologies to Paul Simon)

The problem is all inside your head they said to me
The answer is easy if you do it logically
We've got an ebook it'll help you make top three
It's called "50 ways to lose your ranking"

They said it's really not our habit to intrude
But your website just won't rank it will be stuck there on page two
You need more backlinks, we can get them from this dude
We know there's 50 ways to lose your ranking
50 ways to lose your ranking

Get links that lead back, Jack
Buy this SEO plan, Stan
It's quick to deploy, Roy
So try us for free
Get your backlinks from us, Gus
Our service won't cost much
Use more meta keys, Lee
Get our report free

They said "it grieves us so to see it on that page
There's so much we could do, to make it rank again"
I said "I appreciate that, but I don't understand
about these 50 ways"
They said "why don't you just try out our services tonight
we guarantee tomorrow morning google reindexes your site"
Next day my site was penalized, you know those guys were right
They gave me 50 ways to lose my ranking
50 ways to lose my ranking

They added spammy linkbacks, Jack
Made hidden text SPANs, Stan
Pagerank they'll destroy, Roy
Please listen to me
Meta keywords they stuffed, Gus
That sure doesn't help much
Content is the key, Lee
To make the top three

(More apologies to Paul Simon)
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    Love it! Great idea to do a SEO poem. But sad part, be carefull on who you trust to help you with SEO. Do it yourself if possible to avoid penalties.
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