Hockey? Why Is Fighting Part Of The Game????

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I remember a cousin in law from Canada saying that fighting is simply part of the game of hockey?

People like the Great One had people to fight on their behalf.

Some people have long careers because they can fight well.

What goes on??

They aren't allowed to fight in the Olympics right??

I told my in law that since all I was trying to do was to play hockey...

...I would make sure people knew that to start a fight with me would start a blood feud and I would use my stick.

He told me I would go to jail in Canada.

The old joke...

I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out.

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    I always thought hockey was just boxing on skates.
    The skating, hitting the puck, etc. was just fill between rounds.

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    Bottom Line.......Fights fill seats....
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    There is no reason for fighting in hockey - I don't want to watch two guys on skates fight. When I want to watch fighting I will tune into the UFC and watch the best fighters in the world do it.

    I am sure there are a lot of fans that love the fighting - but I think hockey can survive without it. The playoffs are easily the most exciting part of hockey - and also the most well attended...fighting doesn't happen too often then.

    I like Bill Simmons instant hockey fix - Get rid of fighting, contract the league down to 22 teams (that way each team will be significantly more skilled) and then have 11 teams in the US and 11 teams in Canada.

    The teams play in separate conferences so EVERY year the Stanley Cup is USA vs Canada.

    Would be killer but NO WAY it ever happens.
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    Hockey is a cruel game, if somebody hits you, you must hit back.
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    Like you I really don't understand why they have to fight.
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