What's gone wrong with the main forum?

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I see so many "How do i.." "should i...?" questions on the main forum and very little else.

Many of the old timers don't seem to post anymore.

What happened?
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    Shows you how little action they're taking.

    They aren't even "how do I do this specific thing?" questions. "How do I make a million dollars sitting on my ass knowing nothing?"

    I go through the postings a couple times a day and it changes every couple weeks...there are questions I can respond to, and then a couple weeks later it's back to this nonsense. At that point I just take a break.

    Give it a week or so and see if it swings back to sensibility.
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    I'm not a marketer (I'm looking for REAL marketers), but a software author (C/C++ senior dev), then my point of view is a comparative one and quite radical. In my own domain, when someone asks me "How to become an expert", "How to be a top developer", etc, I just say : "Go in immersion, forget the notion of rentability, keep focus and spend years outside of the world", in brief... To develop the software I talk about in my signature (close to zero competiton on earth), I spent two years full-time, 16/24, 7/7, 60,000 lines of code and comments in the program itself and around (R&D)... But here, since the month I'm surfing in this rich forum daily (I registered at beginning of 2015 but never taken time to really come before this last month), I see a lot of persons asking for results in term of money only (and with all the global behavior binded with this short term goal: we want results right now, we have no time to click the search button)... like if results couldn't be other things than money (while it can be reputation, notoriety, skill, happiness, energy, relationships, etc). So, maybe the main message would be : be interested by what you do before what it will pay ! Well, to become an experienced dev in all the aspects of a software, I spent twenty years whose ten with machines as friends at home. Thus, I have some difficulties with superficial persons, and I think that what you identified here is the distorsion between the ones who know words like focus and enthousiasm, and the ones who just want money, whatever they do, whatever the way... They are not interested by the path, but only by the result; quick result! A little bit sad, I think.

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      Welcome to the forum and may you find what you seek with ease.

      There is plenty of useful information for those serious to find it.

      I do use the search function, but on occasion I also have to use google with keyword warriorforum added to find things.


      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Originally Posted by jimmcdonald909 View Post

    What happened?
    We'd like to tell you.................................
    but it will only get deleted.
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    Well to be honest i logged on a few times here and it looks good.
    Personally i really like this forum. Thumbs up
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    Originally Posted by jimmcdonald909 View Post

    I see so many "How do i.." "should i...?" questions on the main forum and very little else.

    Many of the old timers don't seem to post anymore.

    What happened?
    Under new management. Little incentive to post through all the trash in the other forums. Many of the "old timers" left the building. Some others just shoot the breeze in Off Topic, but not about business and not answering thousands of pointless, unintelligible questions.
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    Yeah it's sad really to watch the few remaining useful forums have the soul sucked out by corporate agendas.

    Having grown sick and tired of the blatant disrespect shown towards the effort involved in a true contribution (I'm talking about the repeated wholesale deletion of content that takes place), I simply refuse to post anything here that takes more than 15 seconds effort.
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