Do you know about hakintosh???

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Hello, Anyone knows about hakintosh? If yes...Let me know please. I'm interested to ask you some questions.
  • How to download Full Mac X OS from a windows PC and make a bootable pendrive to install the os x. I don't have another mac to install from there. Any idea?????

Waiting for your responses.
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    Apple at one point decided that it was CHEAPER to go with STANDARD hardware, so they did the SAME thing SUN did just before SUN went bankrupt! They changed everything to the new standard hardware! Translation?(IBM COMPATIBLE!!!!!!) A number of people then saw the chance to revitalize the cheaper hardware with the new apple compatible software.

    IIRC I heard that Apple wised up and made their systems so the software would only work on THEM. That was what IBM did when they had virtually a monopoly on IBM compatible hardware.

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    Any system that is made to run the Apple operating system is referred to as Hackintosh.
    This is the simplest information that i am giving to you for more information you can search it and read in details but i guess its difficult to someone who describes you in thos format you must contact any professional who told you better about it.
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