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I joined the WF in 2007 (I think). I notice that a lot of the members who were here back then haven't aged a day since. (You know who you are.) I have updated my profile picture here and a bunch of other places multiple times. I'd change the picture on my Google account if I knew how. C'mon people. Time marches on. Let's see what you look like today, not when you were in High School.
  • Somea these people went to high school?

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Do you really think we can see what you like in that dark and blurry avatar with your back mostly to us?
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      Nice to see that some things never change.
      When you hear someone telling you what YOU can't do, they are usually talking about what THEY can't do.
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        Originally Posted by Thomas Wilkinson View Post

        Nice to see that some things never change.
        Some things do change. Like your avatar just changed. lol.

        This ain't my high school pic. It's how I look now as an old grandmother.
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    Avatars here serve as a kind of "brand recognition" also, it "person recognition" if you like. That's why I don't change mine.

    When I'm scanning replies to threads, I'll stop if I see Steve B's pic, Suzanne's, Sid Hale's and a host of others, and read what they replied.

    For me the avatar recognition serves as a visual guide. I don't always remember member names, and I don't read every reply.
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      I looked 35, 15 years ago, now l look,....35!

      So, not worth posting!

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        My photo is a few (Ahem) years old now but I haven't aged a bit. It's just that dam mirror that lie's

        Claude looks a bit older than that handsome young man you see in his avatar photo. He's like a good cheese though, the older he gets, the more he smells.

        The only thing to fear is Lanfear itself.

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          I have one of my "skinny" pics here at the moment.

          I recently stopped "enhancing" my hair color and waiting for that to grow out, as well as getting back to somewhat skinny.

          When I feel fully updated, I will then update my pic.

          Nobody (especially me) wants to be looking at 2 tone fat girl who has been through the ringer for the past 7 years.

          "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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              Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

              Fat girls are people too

              Seriously, I like you for exactly who you are, not what you look like - none of us are ever going to look like we did at 20, no matter what what we do.
              Well thank you.

              Not looking to look 20 again (I was well beyond that in that pic anyway), and nothing against the pleasantly and happily plump people, but I do want to clean myself up a bit before coming back out to the party. I clean up nice.

              "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    I don't look any different other than I had short hair for awhile (I think there's a pic of me on FB with short hair). I won't be getting another pic til around christmas and my hair will still be shorter than in this pic, but not so much so. Anyhow - other than 2 or 3 inches of hair, I'm still the same so why bother?

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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