My Girlfriend Has Just started A Blog, What Do You Think?

by Dal.K
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My girlfriend has recently started her own blog about current affairs/soccer. She's a really good writer. I've been trying to get her to optimize it her around keywords for more exposure, and other things to get more eyeballs on it, but she's so far refused. However, she seems to get really exited when she gets views.

I need to convince her to get the word out because I think shes done a good job. She doesn't know I have posted this, as she is a bit nervous about her work. Let her know what you think? It'd be good for her confidence. Lol. Cheers guys.

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  • Hay Dal,

    I just took a look at the design and I have to say. The simpler the design on a blog, the better. Gets right to the point, which is the writing part of it.

    I went to read the first article, and started reading on and on. Her writing is very good. Its obvious she has a passion for writing, and I must say that her posts should be seen by other people. Don't worry about keyword optimization yet.

    Start implementing social marketing tactics with her posts. Submit each post to digg, stumbleupon, ping the posts, and watch the traffic to get in. Like anyone with a first blog up, she will probably go nuts from the traffic...

    Let her in on that first and then hopefully she will want more, and give keyword optimization, etc... a shot and see how nice Google is to her :p

    If she ends up reading this: I'd like to say you have a talent for writing and should keep it up. Sooner or later you will have a nice following.
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    A Short History of Peeing was pretty funny. She is a very skilled writer and has a new reader. I just read the one about the soccer player and 'obviously', it had me grinning from ear to ear laughing too. Bonus combo points, tell her good job. Or if she sees this, "Good job!"

    Thanks for giving me a chance to learn of this blog,
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    I found that your girlfriend didn't optimize the post for search engine, and the tag is just a waste....

    Do a bit of keyword research before writing, and if the event is current, dig around some trendy sites and Google Trend, it should help your traffic significantly!

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      A good read. I stumbled it.

      “Strategy without action is a day-dream; action without strategy is a nightmare.” – Old Japanese proverb -

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  • Let her do it on her own, when she is ready she will ask you for advice

    PM Me Now!

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      I agree with you. She's writing for the passion of it. I don't want to put her off with the optimization side of things just yet. She's checked her stats this morning and she's had over 80 views, which is a great motivator. Your encouragement is welcome.

      My Girlfriends Blog:
      Trying To Convince Her To Market It, For More Eyeballs..

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