Not sure which song fits my week

by ThomM
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Thanks to the bitter cold weekend I had a water pipe freeze in the basement. After it thawed I found it had ruptured in two places. Both spots are in the old thick wall copper pipe and not the newer thin walled (which would be an easy fix). One spot is where the pipe goes up into the house (upstairs bathroom, cold water line). Naturally it's surrounded by other pipes, insulation, and floor beams.
After fixing the first leak and failing to fix the p.i.t.a. one I had to cut the pipe, using J.B. WEld, attach a 3/4 > 1/2 fitting to the old pipe and sweat a short piece of 1/2in copper to it.
Now it's wait 24 hours for the J.B. to set and cure and then using sharkbite fittings and PEX pipe hook it all back up and hope for the best.
Anyways both of these songs have been going through my head this week as I worked on this mess, and a frozen drain pipe.

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