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Something strange happened.

Today I noticed my signature had been completely removed/wiped out.

Upon making a new signature, I see it is only populating NEW posts that I create - none of the old ones.

In the past, all sig files would remain in tact after making a new one - meaning the new sig would display under all previous posts.

Perhaps someone has tampered with my settings?

There were no links to outbound sites. There was no foul language.
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  • I notice you still don't have a signature showing for your most recent post this month despite having thousands of posts and thousands of thanks. Why is that?

    Upon logging in this evening I discovered my sig feature is now totally gone. I tried to post this thread about it in the "help" section but was unable to post a new thread there too:

    My Signature Privilege is Gone, But I Make Good Posts & Don't Violate Rules

    I just discovered my signature privilege has been turned off, but I have never violated the rules on signatures, except only one time by accident I saw someone answering a thread by referring someone to his sig, so I thought it was okay since people see your sig anyway and my sig also answered the OP's question too, so I just said "ditto, see mine too..." or something like that. Then I discovered later both replies had been removed so I didn't go back to the thread to even post at all though I could have. I have certainly never put an affiliate link in any signature or post.

    Most importantly, I also make valuable posts that contribute to the forum and do not make "spammy" posts just to show my sig. I can definitely say so myself and I make a deliberate point of making sure that's what I do instead of the opposite. In fact, just the other day I was even considering posting how it seems so many people do make spammy posts just to show their sig too often and it gets annoying because of all the useless clutter it makes.

    Could there possibly be a warning before shutting if off completely in cases like this perhaps? I honestly have no idea why it would have been shut off because my sig was still fine long after the one and only time I accidentally just said "ditto, see mine too..." So it seems that could not have even been the reason.

    So can anyone tell me what happened and why my sig privilege was shut off, and how I can get it turned back on in light of the above?
    Why do you still not have a sig showing, is that by choice? Can you shed any light on this in general (I've already checked settings, etc.)?
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  • Ok, I just noticed you actually do have this showing at the bottom of your posts: "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"
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