The film you watched in the movie house alone?

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What was it? How was it? Why did you have to watch it alone?
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    Top Gun in 1987 starring - Kelly McGillis, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan, Michael Ironside and Anthony Edwards etc.

    I saw it in a Singapore theater (in uniform) while my family was living stateside in SoCal. Below is a picture of my ship, a guided missile cruiser, anchored in the Singapore harbor during our visit in 1987.

    Talk about a strange feeling...a pretty good flick for the time period though.


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    Casino Royale - I organised a charity premier of Casino Royale on behalf of a local Children's hospice. It was the day after the Royal Premier in London and the day before release.

    One of the jobs I had to do on the day was put together 400 goody bags and leave them on the seats, so I did this in the cinema its self. While I was doing this the projectionist tested the film in the same cinema. So I had a 400 seat cinema all to myself to watch a film that had only been watched by those at the Royale Premiere.
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      In Leceister Square, London, one of the Freddy Kruger Movies in in 1990s I was a goth at the time and probabley the only one of my friends that had any cash at the time! Creepy thing, apart from being the only girl, was everyone else was alone too, about 10 of us in there - nobody screamed though!
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    When you could watch a movie all day and night and they never kick you out



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    There are many movies which I have watched alone but all I remember are few. The last movie which I saw alone was Evil Dead. It was very scary. I had to keep my Glock Model 19 with me for self defense against ghost invasions (just in case...).
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