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I am looking for a permanent partner is my business. I run a successful Forex products and Robot marketing business which has been going for almost 10 years. We are expanding considerably this year and need product managers to promote our products and grow the customer base using comprehensive internet marketing processes. This will free current resourse to focus on product development and support.

In return the internet marketing product manager will share a large portion of the income generated.

This is a permanent position and will require the persons full-time, full focus and dedication. This is NOT an affiliate marketing or JV offer at all.

The type of skills we are looking for are social marketing skills, affiliate marketing skills, paid and non paid advertising skills, SEO, video marketing, product listing, website design, sales channels, email marketing etc. All activities to boost sales.

Experience in all aspects of internet marketing is essential and this is not a learning position. The person we have in mind must be an expert and good track record in internet marketing. Many of the products sell for over $200 and being digital have no real cost of sales. Based on current sales it is anticipated the income could exceed $ 80 000 a year but is unlimited as it is based on sales success.

Essentially you will be given your own business (an established product) to use your internet marketing skills on to make a sizeable and continuous income by increasing market exposure. Most of our product are relaunched every few months to extend the product life-cycle.

The more successful and efficient you become the more products will be added to your responsibility.

Use you internet marketing skills to earn exceptional continuous income.

To start a conversation about this opportunity you need to convince us that you will be the right person by providing a track record of success related to the skills mentioned above and secondly you need to give a high level view of the activities you have in mind to promote one of our products. Message me.

I hope I have posted this in the right way as I am new to the Warrior Forum.
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