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A blue haze over the mountains of Les Vosges in France.

Let's start from the sun, but it is actually very different color and white light are. We went through a rainbow or prism white light we can see the different colors in the light of these. The white light from the sun travel through the Earth's atmosphere, with the air of particles collides.

Different colors, or wavelengths, of light scattered by different amounts of these collisions. Blue light (short wavelength) Red Light (now Wavelength) is more than scattered.

The correct interpretation of the sky the color of 1859. Was taken by John Tyndall suspend small particles of light when passing through the liquid holding clear, short blue wavelengths are scattered more strongly than red found.

It is a little milk or soap mixed with water to a tank through a beam of white light shining from the side that can be manifested by, beam it scatters blue light can be seen through. But the light seen directly from the end after it has passed through the tank is reddened. This scattered light through the sky a deep POLAROID sun glasses
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    Speaking of harmful blue light, I recently purchased my first pair of blue light glasses for screen viewing. They cost a few bucks, but they seem to work relatively well, especially when my eyes are already feeling a bit strained. FWIW, I was already using f.lux and switching it off when I am working with photos or video.

    I have always been a color man myself, and am always looking to shoot in the widest gamut possible. Yeah, I have owned a few linear and circular polarizers in my day as well.

    Thanks for making a contribution down here --> we need all of the non-spam posts we can get these days.


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