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Content is king, as it helps you sell your products and services and serves as the middle ground between you and your customers. Content is what convinces and persuades your customer to patronize you. So to boost sales, you should find a really good ghost-writer to produce content for you. This can be much harder than it sounds. There are many ghostwriters out there, but you may struggle to find one that really knows what they're doing. Getting good content from a ghostwriter involves responsibility on both parts: yours and the ghostwriters. First and foremost, you need to assume that the person knows absolutely nothing about what you want from them, so go out of your way to prepare very clear instructions and as much detail as possible, which you will pass on to the ghost-writer. Know the topic, any keywords, length of article, target audience, how you plan to use the articles and anything else you require. That way, you can avoid any misunderstandings. For his or her part, the ghostwriter should be able to ask the right questions to clarify the assignment. And this is the very first thing you need to get out of the way, thereafter you need to focus on looking out for the following when choosing a ghostwriter:

1. A Good Ghostwriter Ability To Research and Adapt
The right ghostwriter may not necessarily be an expert in your field, but should be able to write on a variety of subjects. They must posses the ability to research on a given subject so they can understand the details of your industry, products/services and marketplace quickly and thoroughly.

And also, the best ghostwriter should be able to write in a variety of different styles on a wide range of subjects. Most professional ghostwriters have portfolio on major freelance platforms, therefore ensure to ask to see their portfolio of written content, with that you can guage their style, quality of work and experience. The best ghostwriter should have the ability to adapt their writing style to yours because you are the one who they are writing the content for.

2. A Good Ghostwriter Will Not Judge Or Criticize Your Idea
The primary task of a ghost writer is to 'pen down' your ideas, to be communicated to your audience. They are to guide and give you suggestion on the best way to get your story or ideas across to your audience.

Rather than criticize, a good ghostwriter will restructure the idea, information or story you give them and will work out a workable structure for the book, web content, blog post, promotional articles based on your idea. He or she will give advice on the best way to tell, and to sell, ideas in content. They are there to write the book, web content, articles, blog post, etc that you would write yourself if you had the time and the ability to write. The copy write ownership of the contents will always belong to you. You will be known as the writer, author or publisher. Although, the best ghostwriter will always remain invisible, since you will be working closely with them, you should feel completely safe and comfortable in their company. Make sure that the ghostwriter you hire is someone you are happy to become part of your life.

3. A Good Ghostwriter Will Never Be Offended
You have the right to criticize their work or ask for changes until you are 100% satisfied with the final outcome. The best ghostwriter will never be offended no matter how many times you request a change or rewrite, provided you have provided adequate guidance and made your expectations clear. Even if there is no descriptive brief from you, most ghostwriters would use their initiative to create the content they think is appropriate, but if it doesn't meet your expectations, don't go crazy on them. Remember that part of the blame rests with you - they're ghost writers, not mind readers  so as I pointed out in the beginning have a clear brief ready for them to work with.

4. A Good Ghost Writer is a Great Story Teller
Great writers are great storytellers. They have the skill to create stories for the ideas they are writing that will persuade the readers and lead to a boost in your sales. Not only does the best ghostwriter know how to tell great stories, they know how to ask the right questions.
Asking the right question is very important because your ghostwriter needs to cover your company and its members properly. A ghost writer can create great content by interviewing key company members.

5. A Good Ghostwriter is Very Discreet
The best ghostwriter is only there to make sure your content is well written, as readable and saleable as possible. They should be discreet enough to avoid sharing your private business with anyone without your specific permission. Immediately they finish their contract with you the ghostwriter disappears and has no connection with you or reference to the work. That is why they are called 'ghost'; you only meet them when you need their writing service. A good tip, is to have a confidentiality agreement in place.

6. A Good Ghostwriter Has the Ability To Write Unique, Quality And Error Free Content
A Good Ghostwriter should be able to produce a plagiarized free content. They should be able to check the content on plagiarism checker to ensure that the work is unique or original. They should make sure it is well formatted interested and captivating to read, no grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.

7. A Good Ghostwriter is Quick and Delivers On-Time
Ghost writers are also known as freelance writers. They work for various clients on their own time. Some ghost writers may accept more writing contracts from various clients at a time. And if care is not taken, they might miss deadlines. Therefore, make sure the one you choose has a good reputation, including for promptness.

Lastly, a good ghostwriter should be well paid. When you pay your ghost writer well, they are more inclined to devote their time to your work and put in the effort required. The inverse is also true. You should inquire from them how much they charge and then negotiate a figure that you both will be comfortable with. The best ghostwriter is not necessarily the one that costs the least.
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    Another article posted here that has nothing to do with copywriting.

    Who is pushing this trend, I wonder?

    Marcia Yudkin
    Check out Marcia Yudkin's No-Hype Marketing Academy for courses on copywriting, publicity, infomarketing, marketing plans, naming, and branding - not to mention the popular "Marketing for Introverts" course.
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      Originally Posted by marciayudkin View Post

      Another article posted here that has nothing to do with copywriting.

      Who is pushing this trend, I wonder?

      Marcia Yudkin
      Ghostwriters do copywriting. In fact I'm willing to bet that the majority of blogs and other website content is written by ghostwriters
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    It's not posted in the right section. I can tell you that as I am a ghostwriter.
    While some may do copywriting as well, it's not a ghostwriter's main focus.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    I can also tell you that the subject doesn't belong in the OT forum either.

    If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.

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