My account has been hacked please help !!!!

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Issue has been resolved thanks!
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    Contact the helpdesk.

    Your username is ydsimple, right? That is how you log in. So that part hasn't changed. It seems impossible that it would've changed since you are still posting under that username. Also, WF won't change usernames.

    You may want to change the password on your PayPal account. Run a good up-to-date virus/spyware scan on your PC.

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    Contact help desk and paypal. Change your passwords. None of us can do anything to help you. Be proactive.
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    I am missing something here. your account was hacked, user name and password changed, But, you logged in under that username and posted this thread.

    What am I missing here?


    Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
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    contact the admin, they should be able to help you.
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  • if the password was changed plus the email

    then how do you know the password

    the better question right now is "who has posted this thread" is it the original you or someone else who hacked your account
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    The OP stated his WF account has been hacked, not Wordpress. How the real owner of the account is logging in when supposedly the email address, password, and username has been changed is still a bit of a mystery.
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    Well, you can't change your username on WF, so I don't really believe this story. In addition, it's obvious the password hasn't changed either, since you logged in.
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