Why won't you believe in money making methods?

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    Purely from a curiosity point of view, do you take your medication before or after morning coffee?
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      Originally Posted by positivenegative View Post

      Purely from a curiosity point of view, do you take your medication before or after morning coffee?

      I drink too much coffee.
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    Originally Posted by Joseph Bales View Post

    Excuse me for any foolish grammar issues that might occor, i haven't slept for two days in a row.
    So, there are people out there earning plenty of cash litteraly doing different money making methods, so what makes YOU (at least the majority as far as i am familliar) of Warrior forum stay away from such... i'd say but rather not say: "curse", of course there are many liars out there, but won't you give it a few tries?, i personally had and have mixed experience with it, there are some people who are just selling you these ebooks to just profit out of your poor awareness, since it is of course.... VERY HARD being an entrepenur.
    LOL, you have to be in your twenties!

    I have been online for 8.5 years, and am finally, (hopefully) on the track that will give me a full income, and more eventually.

    Most Gurus, got there through a one off opportunity or lucky break, and then try to push how to create wealth.

    Eventhough most don't give a crap about how to make money make more money, they want to know how to make money from nothing.

    Most Gurus l have followed keep well clear of that, since it is a one of sale, and there is more money in subscription.

    I have pretty much tried everything online, but will stay with font creation, since l am finally getting honest feedback and advise, and it seems to be a real way to create wealth.

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