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Honestly. i do not even write them for myself. Here's an excellent example why:

I bought a Article pack that came with ten, five hundred word articles. thus far? 171 views, 2 clicks.

I opened a separate account only for these articles. On my personal account, I actually have thousands of views and many clicks, not one five hundred word article either. i believe people's attention spans square measure terrible of late and this can be a large reason why five hundred words simply do not work that well for funneling traffic. they are nice for web site content or obtaining organic traffic, however not for obtaining indirect traffic. in addition, these five hundred word articles square measure in a very hot niche, wherever folks ought to be clicking quite this.

This is simply a warning! come with three hundred words if you're attempting to induce traffic through Article Writing Services.

I bough some articles from Fiverr and they were good in quality, But the other staffs are not good. Most of them doesn't give copyscape contents.
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