Let The Bodies Hit the Floor

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I recently saw Drowning Pool play up at Chicago Open Air and I am seeing them play again later this year at the Make America Rock Again show.

Here is an old hit from 2001...

...here is the same tune done recently by an 82 year old aerospace engineer at the America's Got Talent auditions where her received a standing ovation.

Drowning Pool actually let him jam with them when they played the massive Chicago Open Air show roughly 10 days ago. Somebody in the crowd tried to get some footage...

Get it, dude.

I took roughly 5000 pics at this show but I missed this guy as it was almost impossible to catch everything all three days of the show....especially with 2 stages and more than 75,000 peeps packing Toyota Park over the course of the three days. Bummer. You often see small children jamming up on stage but to see this old dude jamming Bodies would have been quite the sight.

A little better video and short article are here...

82-Year-Old John Hetlinger Performs With Drowning Pool in Chicago; Will Do It Again in Ohio

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