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Hadn't heard from him in awhile. But stumbled upon his name this morning. I remember the days 7 and 8 years ago he was the king of Adsense. And people were flocking to start those Adsense Sites.

Some making big bucks and essentially basing their whole business on this Model. Then the Google Updates came and ....well we know the story after that

Anyone take the bait and concentrate "solely" on those Sites back in the Adsense goldrush ??

- Robert Andrew
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    We need more memory lane posts; nice one, matey. They make me feel 103, but it's good fun to remember certain aspects of the business.

    I remember the Adsense goldrush. (For some, it's still rushing.) I never did concentrate solely on AdSense, though, and instead went the affiliate route and offline promotions route.

    We called the type of sites I did mini sites, but I'm not sure if it's a universal term (probably is). You'd EMD it, content it, rank it - blammo, move onto the next one. Easy business when you had the system down.

    - Tom

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    Originally Posted by discrat View Post

    Anyone take the bait and concentrate "solely" on those Sites back in the Adsense goldrush ??


    I have always considered Adsense a great money-maker for Google . . .

    and a terrible way to make money for the average one-person online business that generates relatively little traffic.

    You work so hard to get traffic to your web site . . . then get paid a few cents when someone clicks away from your site via an Adsense ad.

    Why not monetize your site with your own or affiliate products instead and get paid a decent amount for selling something of value?



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