How to Place an Ad on Warriors for Hire

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Looking to place an add on Warriors For Hire...

While I cam creating the ad, is there a way to see it as if it was already live, like the world will see it, so that while I am creating it I can make it look more attractive?

Thank you.
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    You can use the Test Forum to see how your thread looks when it goes live. Only you can see your own threads there. So you don't have to worry.

    Message me about WarriorForum!

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    Thank you.
    Tried using it. Tried seeing if i could use an infographic. it did not work. left in the test area.

    Asked here on the forum. The post and the test results were removed by mods.

    I asked them directly.

    Will look somewhere else maybe.

    Thank you for your assistance.
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    Unfortunately, while a few on here are helpful...generally speaking, WF customer service has been slipping over the past few years. Hopefully, sometime soon, they will get more people aboard that care about great service. Most of what I have seen from freelancer is not helpful in retaining or adding valuable vendors and members.

    Please ignore the rest of this reply if you have already been there and done that.

    You should be able to use an "infographic" as long as you use BB Code image tags and an image with the proper extension (.jpg, .gif, .png are common). My WSO listing is almost 100% giant images as are many others here.

    If you are already seeing images on the threads you should be good. If you don't see images on the threads then you want to double check this setting in your profile.

    Make sure your images have these tags on either side of each image and the image should become visible on the thread in most sub-forums, including WFH.

     [IMG]your image url[/IMG]
    A properly crafted post looks something like this (without the pretty colors) in the editor.

    PHP Code:
    [CENTER]Sea Firefly (bioluminescent shrimpimages by Trevor Williams and Jonathon Galione that were shot off on the coast of OkayamaJapanThe shrimp are visible from May thru September.



    See more of these amazing images at a higher resolution here:

    url=]The Weeping Stones | Tdub Photo[/url]

    Enjoy! :cool: [/CENTER
    You can also check this Go Advanced setting on the post itself...

    Best of luck.
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    You can always try using test section.
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      Originally Posted by Froggys View Post

      You can always try using test section.
      You can always try reading post #2 and #3 before making a reply.
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