What Happened To Widget Based Traffic Exchange Networks Like 2Leep & Wahoha?

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I'm sure many of you would remember, just a few years ago the web was filled with widgets from sites such as 2Leep, Wahoha, MGID and Zaparena, etc.

These sites made it really simple to increase your traffic and discover new content, the quality may not be great, but I managed to generate good revenues from these sites in the past before selling my site on Flippa for a four figure amount.

But today, I see no such service catering to small publishers, MGID no longer provides traffic exchange, it is completely an ad network right now, Zaparena and Wahoha don't even exist anymore and 2Leep's traffic has dropped to a huge extent.There was also another major network named Scribol, but now I see that it has been converted into a blog, which is weird as it used to once receive over 26 million page views per month and was covered by major blogs and publications.

So I have been wondering what went wrong with these sites, did anything change? Are there any other such sites which work at the moment?

Please do let me know what you thing!
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    I'm not familiar with these widgets, but linktrading has gone out of style and now everyone has a mailinglist instead.
    Not sure why webmasters chose to switch instead of using both.
    Move it along folks, nothing to see here
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      Because traffic exchanges don't work ????

      Sid Hale
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        Originally Posted by Sid Hale View Post

        Because traffic exchanges don't work ????
        It did for me.
        Move it along folks, nothing to see here
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    Traffic exchanges don't work long term because everyone is trying to sell and no one is there to buy. I used to own a traffic exchange myself but gave it up as it is a flawed system and I did not feel I was helping anyone. There are a lot of free sources that can create actual traffic from buyers rather than other sellers. If these widget traffic exchange sites are gone, it may be an indication that they also realized traffic exchanges are not the best use of ones effort....
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