What would you do if you won the lottery?

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So, lets say you happened to see a bit of paper slipped under your car screen wipers today and it's a winning lottery ticket.


Now what? Let me hear 'em

For me, I'd start by doing 3 things:
  • Invest the majority of the money
  • Buy a one bedroom apartment (I don't need anything fancy, just a nice simple space of my own.)
  • Start a Youtube Channel, travel to do charity projects in different parts of the world and film it like a personal documentary. I would probably start out on educational/building voluntary programmes in Thailand and go on from there. I'd also use the money to travel to places that will enhance my self discovery, while recording the journey for others to see. I would also like to start my own non-for-profit organisation that helps raise awareness for Borderline Personality Disorder (something I personally suffer from)
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