Entrepreneurship or college?

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Are they correlated ? Can both of these things flourish individually?

I'm also a college graduate and considered that time one of the best in my life. But sometimes I wonder why take such a long route when there are others making some serious money through entrepreneurship with just barely finishing their high school.?

Gary Vaynerchuk lashes out at people who go to college. His talks are pretty interesting to watch when he touches that topic. Recently , a guy asked him about his daughter going to college who has a serious mind for sales in one of his keynotes addresses. He told her father to look at her options and the amount of debt she is going to accumulate. On a lighter note he called 4 years of college as a 'vacation'.

Well I agree with him to some extent because if you're going to drop $100000 on a history or a philosophy degree then you should rethink about your future because degrees in these subjects don't pay of college loans.

Secondly, entrepreneurship is only possible when people who learn skills from college introduce new ideas or products in technology and health. Therefore, if everyone decides to become an entrepreneur then we will be draining a lot of brain.

But the reality is that extravagant dreams can only be fulfilled if you have your own business .Working for someone your entire life will not make you a millionaire or a billionaire.Ralph Lauren, Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs , Bill Gates etc are the examples set in this society that everyone idolizes . The thing is that we shouldn't appreciate that they dropped out of college but instead we should admire their courage to go after their ideas and dreams. That's what counts here.

Tell me what you guys think? Are both of these sides of the same coin?


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