Star Wars Marketing Rogue One?

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Yesterday at 10:30pm I took my youngest to see

Star Wars Rogue One


But I digress.


The Marketing!

Right Now, In a Galaxy Close to You, Rogue One Marketing is Here - Chiefmarketer

to wit:

The Movie Marketing Blog: The Five Weirdest Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Products (So Far) | Marketing | The Drum

Buy any for the holidays yet?

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    Damn... no offense Barb but are they ever going to stop with these Sequels. I have been over Star Wars since The Empire Strikes Back in Summer of 80' LOL

    Btw, the best Star Wars by a long shot..."away put your weapons I mean you no harm"
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    I know exactly what you mean, I took my son to see it and.. wow. It's the only prequel we need.

    But the marketing.. well I think their job would have been pretty easy considering the strength of the franchise.

    They could release any old rubbish (Episodes 1 - 3) and people will still go see it.
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