My Dad, Bridges and Your Internet Business

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Alright, It's Time to Roll Right?

Grab your coffee or favorite drink, turn off the phone, close the door and sit down and dive into this story today. Here's The Thing...

With your business and your opportunities you should, right now in these times, be doing more business and making more money than ever. How could I say that?

Let me tell you a little story...

For about 30 years my Dad ran a construction company in Chicago, Illinois.

He was honest, dedicated and worked really hard. His company was a good one (at times).

Since he was a civil engineer, he designed and built bridges and other structures in Illinois and surrounding States.

He prospered from what at the time was a huge wave of projects the city and others needed to or wanted to have built.

Basically, even though construction can still be profitable today and since there is always something being developed, it's still true that there was way more land and other open space in the world (Especially in Chicago) at the time.

Think how many open lots or areas by your house that were vacant at one time are now turned into something like office buildings, houses, stores or whatever.

When times were good, he took what came and was thankful for the times.

When times were "hard", he thought there was a mysterious cloud hovering over him and making his business suffer.

He felt cursed because he was trying to provide for his family and profit from being a business owner but stuck in the economy and the time of ups and downs.

I don't think he realized that he could of actually controlled his own business, limit his stress and worry, choose the amount of projects coming in and really...control his own bank account.

His advertising bill for almost all those 30 years was probably less than 1000 dollars.

In that day, a slump was a slump, and men in his industry or niche regarded it with the same patience and helplessness with which everyone else at the time did.

Now don't get me wrong about him not becoming successful. Why?

Because he did end up catching on, started advertising and marketing properly, getting a lot of referrals and selling his business to move on to something in a totally different niche a few years later after his long stretch, but...

I'm really saying, think of how much time he could of saved. We know better nowadays.

No man or woman who has put so much hard work, dedication and desire into building his own business, is going to lay there and just give up on the "being a business owner dream". Why?

Because if truly serious, then we will keep trying to succeed.

But why should you or anyone else go through the hassles and struggles, right? If he or she does, he unfortunately has only himself to blame.

The funny thing is...

We all know the business and profits is THERE and the one who goes after it can get it no matter what they sell or offer.

There's always someone dominating in any area and for every type of product or service.

Some Struggling, Some Getting Wealthier.

Here's the deal...

If you pick up any nugget from that story, then at the least, know you don't need to wait 5, 10, 20, or 30 years to reach the profitable level you want.

Whether you decide to figure it out on your own by learning from myself and others (plus take action on it)...or by going somewhere else for help...

Or even coming to me to do it all for you and hand you the profitable advantage...

Then know you really do owe it to yourself and absolutely deserve to do it right now. Don't wait years for what you can have now.
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