It's Crockpot Season Again...

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I think I love the fall season more than any other...

- Football season in full steam
- Baseball post season starts
- Fall motorcycle riding looking at all the leaves changing colors
- and Crockpot Cooking!

I start every crockpot season with chili. But never the same recipe. Usually I go on line and search out recipies until one catches my eye. But this time I thought I would come here and ask...

Who is willing to share a chili recipe?

This could be yummy
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    I always wing it Mike so I don't know if this will help.
    The basics for me are
    beef, cubed, never hamburger
    Red Peppers (ripe)
    Green Peppers (unripe)
    Kidney Beans
    Whole tomatoes, chopped
    Tomato Paste, as needed
    Chili Powder
    A little salt, pepper, and sugar
    Liquid Smoke
    and of course garlic:rolleyes:

    From there I just add other things till I get the taste or idea I'm going for.
    How you cook it also plays into the equation sometimes.
    For some reason if I'm adding other veggies I like to cook it up either in my smoker or before I let it rust to hell my dutch oven.

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    Hey Michael,

    Like a lot of chili makers, I don't have an actual recipe, but I can give you a general idea.

    1 can tomato juice
    1lb. ground beef (ground chuck, ground round, ground steak, whatever you prefer)
    1 LARGE onion, chopped
    1 can dark kidney beans, drained and rinsed
    1 can light kidney beans drained and rinsed
    A few T. chili powder
    Several drops of Tobasco sauce. (I used to use the size that came in MREs, but not sure how much that is)
    Plenty of black pepper
    Medium, chunky salsa
    Your favorite sweet BBQ sauce

    Brown ground beef and add to other ingredients.

    Simmer it for a long time.

    Optional: Add the onions a littlelater in the cooking process to give them a little more crunch.

    The BBQ sauce and salsa are the secret ingredients. The BBQ delays the reaction of the heat, and gives a nice (and addictive) depth of flavor.

    I think I got all the ingredients, but I may have forgotten one or two.

    Should be enough to give you an idea for some chili though.

    Hopefully it's a big crockpot.

    Bon appetit!

    p.s. No, there isn't any noodles or macaroni in it! If there was it would be "soup"; chili flavored soup maybe, but still soup.

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      This just goes to show you how conditioned I am to marketing.

      I thought the thread title said it's crackpot season again and you were
      going to tell us about some crazy spammer.

      As for crockpots, you don't want to eat anything that I cook.
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    Me, too, Steven.

    I actually that's what it said until I read the OP.

    Kinda sad in a funny sorta way.


    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Hey Mike - How bout some green chili to go over chips with lots of cheese?

    Pork roast - shreded,
    lg can of diced tomatoes
    Two or three cloves of garlic
    12 oz of diced chilies (mild)
    1 jar of diced jalapenos
    Cumin to taste (tsp or more)
    And you can add some black beans if you want or just use beans
    with the chips and cheese - or in any stuffed tortillas that you smother
    with the chili.

    I usually fry totillas with beans and cheese in them then smother with chili and top
    it with shredded lettuce and more cheese. Awesome - make a lot!

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