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Hi there fellow warriors, just thought I would take the time to introduce myself. I am a 26 year old young mother of one incredibly active 3 year old who lives in Sydney. I love reading, being active outdoors and I would wither and die without my music, lol. I used to dabble in internet marketing, then had my son and got distracted by life events.

It has been a while since I was active in this area and now I need to quickly update my skills in this area for my new job. I am currently working as a personal assistant to the owner of a sydney hairdressing salon, Paris Hairdressing in Liverpool Westfield. The owner is opening up a new location soon and I will need to advertise online in as many areas as possible as well as through other media, as well as establishing overseas contacts who can provide shop fittings with the view to become regular customers to these manufacturers as new locations open.

The salon is already searchable through search engines, and I am sifting through lists of search engines to find where we are not listed so as to create profiles on these engines. I am also going to be adding myself on hairdressing forums, as well as looking for areas to place ads. If anyone has any ideas for me I will be very appreciative, but for now my main thought is to reaquaint myself with the methods of internet marketing and search through this invaluable site to see what I can learn, then to work on methods to make us more searchable, increase website traffic and work on advertising methods.

Hoping business is treating you all well, see you around the site x

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