Please Help me to install MAC OS in Windows Laptop

by Porannya Chakma 11 replies
I saw some video on youtube about dual boot in windows laptop . I am trying to Install MAC OS in my laptop everytime i try but failed to install .
Please help me to install .
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    Duel boot, l can understand your motivation, but from what l have heard an Apple OS in a computer designed for Microsoft OS, creates issues.

    Namely, software, application issues.

    I have a virtual Windows XP, on my latest Laptop with W7 Pro, which can handle hypertreading, or handle a virtual OS.

    W10, cannot, although third party software may be able to overcome it?

    And yeah, a virtual OS, does come in handy, but l guess you are talking about creating a seperate partition and all of that, maybe someone here can help you with that, but more likely you should go to your nearest computer repair store.

    Good luck.

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        Originally Posted by Porannya Chakma View Post

        Can you please help me reading this Article here he says that it's possible to do that but how ?
        Source : Hiddentesla
        Sorry Porannya, that is getting beyond me, l just downloaded the file, then after a mess appeared, downloaded the second one, that worked, and my Laptop was already enabled, (scaly going into the BIOS, one wrong move and by by OS, but l didn't have to) so it all worked.

        You either need to follow the steps, and back up everything, in case you make a mistake, or pay an expert, or hope someone here can help?

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    I did that years ago with IOS Lion forgot what number it is doable but it will crash a lot
    But the question is why? sure their would be lots of tuts out there!
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    You would be best served buying a second hand Mac from say 5 years ago, this can be upgraded to the latest OS. Much better than tinkering with something that will crash anyway. The modern Macs will also legitimately run Windows too.

    Where ever you go, there you are.

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    Apple strictly forbids the use of Mac OS on any machines other than its own, whether it's a modified version or not. You should be aware that by doing this, you're violating the terms of the macOS license agreement and that you do so at your own risk.

    The things you need:
    . PC with compatible hardware
    . Mac running the latest version of macOS (just to get the root admin password)
    . macOS Sierra installer
    . software (UniBeast and MultiBeast)
    . 8GB or larger USB drive
    . and mostly patience :p

    1.Ensure Your PC is Compatible

    To ensure compatibility a hardware spec of similar or what apple uses in its mac is needed. You may encounter hardware problems, card readers and Wi-Fi might not work. You can use several apps whether if you need to know your current specs in your lap or pc.

    2.Download Your Software

    If you are confident with your specs the grab a mac and download a mac os from Mac App Store. It might be around 4.7 GB. Once download appears as Install macOS Sierra in your Applications folder. Leave it there for now, comes handy later.
    login/signup in which grants you access to downloads page. From there download the latest version of UniBeast. And download MultiBeast that suits with your macOS version. Install UniBeast as you install any normal apps.

    3.Create Your USB Installer

    Launch Mac's in-built Disk Utility application. Make sure your data is safe before proceeding. Give it a name (like sierra or something) and choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) in Format and GUID Partition Map under "Scheme" then click Erase. Now your device is ready to use as a bootable MaOS USB drive.
    Then start UniBeast, you may read or click continue till you reach destination select. When asked for an install destination select the USB drive. The installer will now prompt to choose the version of macOS you downloaded from the Mac App Store earlier (below). For this to work the Mac App Store download needs to have finished and the Install macOS Sierra file should stay in your Applications folder.
    You'll need to choose bootloader options next, choose UEFI booting for latest UEFI capable systems or legacy booting for those still boots in bios. For graphics config it's an optional step. you can click continue but make sure that the settings are correct. Enter a Username and password then UniBeast will write the MacOS installer to the drive.
    Wait for the image to be copied to the drive and then paste the MultiBeast to USB drive. And you are done now go for the pc you need to instal MacOS.

    4.Install macOS on Your PC

    Restart your pc, goto bios settings and do the following

    -Set BIOS/UEFI to Optimized Defaults
    -Disable your CPU's VT-d
    -Disable CFG-Lock
    -Disable Secure Boot Mode
    -Disable IO SerialPort, if present
    -Enable XHCI Hand Off
    -Disable USB 3.0

    Disabling your CPU's VT-d, CFG-Lock and Secure Boot Mode should only be done if it's supported.

    Install Mac OS as you normally install windows through USB booting.
    Assuming it all goes to plan, you should be able to see the installer through to the end at which point your Mac will restart.

    5. Finishing Touches

    Again boot into USB drive, select installation volume. When you eventually boot into macOS, navigate to your USB installer and run the MultiBeast app.
    click on Quick Start and choose between UEFI Boot Mode or Legacy Boot Mode, then select relevant audio and network options on the Drivers tab. You can see even more options under Customize before saving or printing your chosen configuration.

    The final step is to restart your Hackintosh and remove your USB drive, as your macOS installation partition should boot automatically from now on.
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      Originally Posted by thahzin View Post

      The final step is to restart your Hackintosh and remove your USB drive, as your macOS installation partition should boot automatically from now on. Enjoy...
      That's a long road to travel to create an AlmosterMac. Masochism is alive and well.
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    I need help, trying to install Mac OS on my toaster.
    Be your best self. - Darryl Philbin
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      I need help, trying to install Mac OS on my toaster.
      I had to uninstall Chrome from my toaster. Too many pop-ups.
      I've just put Richard Branson's number on speed-dial. I call it my "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme.

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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      I need help, trying to install Mac OS on my toaster.
      Why would you need the world's best toaster? Is your life toast?
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      I need help, trying to install Mac OS on my toaster.
      You don't have enough bread for that.
      Don't wait until your death bed to tell people how you really feel. Tell them to @#$% off now.
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