Why Today Is Being Called "Black Monday" In The Internet Security Industry!

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I felt it was kind of my duty to create this thread.

I know sometimes we don't always get along with each other, and sometimes we "argue, fuss, and fight," but the bottom line is that I care about my fellow Warriors, and I think most would agree that we are an online family.

There are actually two major events that have been uncovered earlier this morning that will undoubtedly have a negative effect on tens of thousands of people, if not more.

First and foremost, there is a major vulnerability that affects just about EVERY device that supports wi-fi. Yes, you read that correctly, unfortunately.

In short, hackers have discovered a severe weakness in WPA2, which is basically the protocol that secures all modern wi-fi networks.

This is bad because it means that hackers, or anyone with a basic knowledge of hacking, for that matter, can now steal sensitive information from just about any wi-fi network of their choosing.

The second vulnerability has to do with a weakening of public keys that are used to install and authenticate certain types of software. I don't understand this one very well, but the Wordfence blog article that I learned about this from explains it much better than I could. I will post a link to the article below.

The end result is that we have to keep our eyes open for patches that will be released very soon from our iSPs that will be designed to protect our wireless networks.

Also, if you have a router from companies such as Netgear, Belkin, etc; be on the lookout for a security fix or update from them.

Also, the makers of your devices like laptops, tablets, phone, etc, will supposedly be putting out updates and/or patches that you will not want to miss.

This is a biggie folks, and not something you should ignore.

If you want to be completely protected for the time being, the only thing you can really do is to hook up your laptop or PC directly into your modem and avoid using your wireless devices.

Here is the Wordfence article:


Also, Wordfence is recommending that the best way for you to help is to SPREAD THE WORD.
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