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For those peeps in the UK. - Have you heard the news that some England football games will only be shown via the internet. (ie. not on TV)

Cost to buy on the day is £12.

What do ya think of that?
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    I heard about this today, and as an ardent fan (who still thinks we need all the support we can get!) I don't think anyone should have to pay a premium to watch their own national team in their own home.

    What really outrages me though is the thought of all the people who now find themselves excluded from watching the team play because of this. Not everyone has an internet connection, and not everyone that does have a connection has a credit or debit card to enable them to pay to watch a game online.

    Admittedly, I only ever go near the telly to watch football anyway and think that virtually everything else on the box is what the 'off' button is for, but since there are few things like football at a national level to bring the country together (even if it is only to argue about it ), I think this will add yet more divisiveness to a country that's already divided enough. If the Powers That Be want to promote unity amongst the people, then I don't think they could have picked a stranger way of showing it.

    And how are people supposed to watch down the game at the pub? Have the landlord stand in the lounge holding his laptop over his head?

    England - 0 v Fans - 0. I don't think anybody wins.

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