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Hi there,

I would like to know which deal offers the highest discount? for example, black friday, cyber monday, Christmas, New Year?

Because I want to buy several tools and don't 'wanna miss out the best deal.

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    Really? You want us to scour the internet and find the best deals for you?
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    It'll just knock over all the pieces, poop on the board, and strut about like it's won anyway.
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    Yes - and for various holidays....for various 'tools'.....
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    what type of tools are you looking at?
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      Originally Posted by Maxxx333 View Post

      what type of tools are you looking at?
      need a new hammer

      can you nail one?
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    PSY is the new Hammer

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      Originally Posted by swayman View Post

      PSY is the new Hammer
      Is it a 10 or 5 pound sledge or is it a soft blow lightweight with fiberglass handle and soft plastic head ? I guess Stanley brand hammers are the old school then
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    I like the one with soft face mallet thats made from very durable fiberglass materials and replaceable rubber heads because this unit is sure to last you a long time so you can be sure this petite headed mallet is ready to be used at all times.

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    It varies by vendor. There's no systematic conclusion we can provide you unless you tell me which product you're looking at specifically.

    As most internet marketing software/products will look for ever excuse to run a "sale" you can be sure whatever Cyber Monday or Black Friday will be likely be great value still. (Often legitimate sale, quotation was not meant to imply any lesser of a cost discount however because most digital product have very little marginal costs, they would do well with price discrimination.)

    General observation however Black Friday still seems traditionally to be a bigger affair where you likely find better deals.
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    No one holiday offers the best deal Sam. All change on a case by case basis.

    My advice? Work a job, save money, spend money to buy premium tools - independent of discounts, so you buy at full price now - then start your business with an abundant mindset, building your success momentum.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • cyber monday
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    I think black Friday. that time most of the market site offers up to 80% sale
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    Black friday/Cyber monday

    Learn more about blogging tips, tutorials and deals

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    Black Friday has the best blow out prices of the year.
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