which domain name is better?

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hello, I'm trying to come up with a brand. This is purely theoretical. These websites don't exist.

But the company was going to be called: International Bitcoin Academy

I figured that was too long. And even if it was available I dont' think I'd use it. I was looking at 3 options:

OPTION #1: tryiba.com (no history)

OPTION #2: Powerfulbitcointips.com (no history)

OPTION #3: keep looking for a better aged domain even if the branding doesn't match what I was going to use as a title for the company/organization .

What would you use?
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    If you post a halfway decent idea for a domain name here - someone will register it immediately.

    If you go to a registration site and 'search' for domains ....and leave the site without purchasing ....90% (or more) of the time a third party company wil do a 'temp' registration on that domain name in an attempt to resell it for higher amt.

    In other words - you need to choose your domain name and keep it to yourself until you have it registered. Use sites like nameboy.com to enter keywords and look at domains AVAILABLE - on sites like that you are not tipping your hand as to what domain you WANT....but it's helpful in finding available domain names.

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