Why I am not getting response From my thread?

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I had posted a thread for guest posting in warriors for hire. I have 66 views on my thread and not receiving any reply. This forum is not so active is that true? how can i get response from this forum.
Give me your suggestions.
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    Some possible reasons you haven't had any comments:
    • Your post is one giant, slow loading graphic. Some may leave before it loads.
    • Your type of service isn't as popular as it used to be.
    • Fear your service might cause problems for their site in the search engines.
    • Your prices are too high for those who have viewed it.
    • Perhaps you answered all the questions viewers may have had, and they simply didn't like your offer.
    It's had 73 views now, so instead of blaming the forum, maybe you should take responsibility for the lack of response and figure out what you could do better. Just a thought.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    I would point to two reasons.

    First, sellers have been voicing for awhile that the quality of traffic here has gone down drastically. None of them are selling as much as they used to.

    Second, your offer is not so great. Most people realize that when someone is offering guest posts on "DA 20-90" sites, what they really are offering is posts on sites like Huffington Post and Forbes where their post will be buried deep in the site and get no real benefit from the domain.

    Their links are going to be on PR 0 pages. They are all but worthless.

    Why anyone would pay $75 for that is beyond me.
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    In addition to what Dennis and Mike have said, I wouldn't hire any writing-service provider whose sales material was littered with typos and other spelling and grammatical errors.

    Not trying to come across as the grammar police here, but seriously - get your ad professionally proofread.
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    Your message is not getting in front of the right people.

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