I really need another extensions for my domain?

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I plan to set up a great original domain name.The name will be with .com extension.Is necessary to buy .me,.info,.mobi,.org,.tv and .net?I dont know what really is the necessity for .tv because sites like youtube run multimedia very well with .com extension.What i really use ?My site will be like a social network comunity with blogging,affilliate marketing,wordpress and in the near future with browcast streaming media.Thanks for the attention.
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    Just stick with .com, if your site starts to take off then you might want to get the other extensions so no one else can use the same name as you do on another domain.

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      Clint is right. Just buy .com first. If the site is doing good, you should purchase the other extensions as well. But not all other extensions are worth buying I think I am not really sure Me, I only buy the other extensions which I think are widely used after the .com. Those are .net, .info, .org and .biz.

      Just my 2 cents
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        I know this is an older thread, but there appear to be a few schools of thought on the need for additional domain name extensions. I have been advised to use one extension only and not waste money on the others. Yet, there is also the advice to purchase the other extensions "if the site is doing good..."

        So, what is the risk to a successful online business having other domain extensions available for purchase by others?
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