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Saw the Army/Navy/Air Force thread and got curious...how desperate is the United States military, any branch, for computer networking specialists just out of college who need a little job experience? 'Cause that pretty much describes me; it's hard to find a decent computer-networking job in this economy if you don't have the work experience.
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    First, I do not have any hard facts for you. But I believe I can
    at least offer some kind of insight.

    My opinion is they're not desperate because they have their
    own as well as contractors. You mentioned "a little job experience."
    Not sure what you meant. But maybe you can join, become an officer,
    and get a little job experience.

    But I doubt that's what you meant.

    You can search G for civilian contracting companies who work with
    the military. Try KBR which is Kellog, Brown, and Root. They're huge
    and a division of Halliburton, I believe. KBR is a very established
    contractor supplier for the military. They're the ones who offer jobs
    in high-risk areas, war zones, that pay extremely well. It's tax-free
    if you fulfill your contract which, I believe, is generally a year. You
    get 30 days leave after 6 months.

    So, perhaps you can get a job, travel to Afghanistan or some similar
    hot spot, work... see the sights, and make some cash.
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    Try these guys. I've know quite a few IT guys to get overseas jobs with them.

    ITT Defense Electronics and Services

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    They are desperate for IT guys in the middleast. So if your idea of fun is to set up networks amid incoming mortar fire...good luck
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    The first thing you need to do is find a place that is giving the ASVAB test. If you score high on the ASVAB, you can practically chose any open occupation in the military.

    FREE ASVAB Test Preparation - Short and Full-length Practice Tests, Study Guide and Tips
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    Only do this if you want to go to the ME because you WILL be deployed no matter what your specialty. A friend enlisted a few years ago and when I asked him if he was insane he cheerfully informed me that his recruiter had promised that since he worked with computers he wouldn't be deployed to a hot zone.

    After I got done rolling on the ground laughing my ass off I asked him - again - if he was insane. 8 months later he was in Afghanistan. 2 months ago he was redeployed to Iraq.

    So, if you're ok with that, then go for it. Being in the military can be an amazing experience with great bennies. But don't listen to anyone who tells you that you won't be going to war - because you will.

    If it's something you're considering then definitely go take your ASVABs. If you're near Chicago there's a testing center there (that's where I took mine).

    You may also want to consider the Coast Guard. They tend to be much more selective than the other branches when it comes to your test scores but the fact that they're part of the DoT not the DoD makes it likely that you'll spend more time in the US and less time in the Desert dodging bullets. You may be deployed onto a Navy ship but it's unlikely you'll be in the sandbox. Their recruiting station for the metro Chicago area is in the NW burbs (unless they moved it).
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