Contest on social media for gift card?

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Have just heard that you can make a contest or viral contest giveaway on Facebook. I tried but only got 17 people. Maybe it takes a few weeks.
This guy was describing how he could easily make $5000 or $20,000 doing this. I am a poet and do not get paid yet, and I am too exhausted working low paid jobs so looking for a long time about creating passive income.
Just wonder how you get so many people to a gift card giveaway, like a $50 store card, or if this person who explained this method is just exaggerating this as an unrealistic way to make a lot of money quickly.

Has anyone tried it? If you throw online a free gift card giveaway, like enter to win by liking etc, how would people even find it? 17 people found it in one day. And is there any potential to go viral or get many people hopefully quickly? He said he made about 5 or 20 grand a month doing this.
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