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Hi all,

Wanted to get some advice. I'm setting up as a freelancer and plan to try and make some b2b connections through Linkedin for my marketing agency.

I'm doing this while in full time employment and don't want my employer to know I'm doing this so feel like I can't ad any existing employment connections.

On this note, I wanted to get people's thoughts on buying connections and recommendations.

Is there a risk I can get banned for this and do you think it's a bad idea? If so, why.

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    It is a bad idea because anybody who can be bought is a terrible customer, and if you try to land terrible customers, they have no money and influence, and cannot help grow your business.

    Better approach; be transparent. Do not hide away from your current employer, or do not start the business. Fear destroys your business 100% of the time. Either begin a business where you connect with LI connections from your current job or market exclusively through any channel where you don't have the connections, and where you network organically.
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    If you're worried about your current employer, go to your profile settings and turn off the feature that let's other people see your 1st degree connections and any notifications related to new connections.

    I would not buy connections - not because Linkedin may get upset - but because those connections would have been set up for that specific purpose and will never get you any leads. They're not active users. They may make you look good if someone cares how many connections you have, but IMO it's a waste of your money.
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    Most folks on the LinkedIn network connect based on the beginnings of trust. That is, I met you somewhere, we might be able to do business in the future, you and I share similar connections, so hey let's see if we have something in common for the future. Connecting blindly and then firing off any sort of sales pitch is an auto-delete in my books. Can't see how the connections would be worthwhile.
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    Wasn't this Off Topic Forum?
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