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I have a friend who was in the entertainment business and so was his family dating far back. He gave me some things to sell out of his collection because he is scaling down and wanted to help me also.
There are six 8X10ish old photos (portraits). They are really neat dressed in suits with cowboy like hats.
He thinks that they may be related to the entertainment industry but we really don't know for sure.
There's no writing on them so I don't have any leads as to where to go or who to ask about these pictures.
Any information would help.
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    Originally Posted by sjkstone View Post

    Any information would help.
    Scan them and ask Google if there are any similar photos to yours, on the web. It's a start.

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    Have you tried a google search for the term

    identify old photos

    I ask becuase there are many results and some sites/tools that seem targeted to what you are asking. The popularity of sites like and other geneology search sites has led to many people trying to 'place' old photos.

    A geneologist cousin of mine has been able to 'place' some very old family portraits using online tools and sites - definitely worth a shot. That said, I can't imagine how to trace a photo if it has never been copied or published.
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