Is there a way to recover lost photos from an SD card?

by hadyn
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Have you ever done it successfully? Recommend me something, please!
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    Yes. We can do it by following few steps.
    Step 1: Take your SD card then connect to computer using SD card reader.
    Step 2: Once it get connected, click scan. As it get scan you can see deleted files.
    Step 3: After getting all deleted you can filter only images and can recover it.
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    Where is this "scan" button?
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      Originally Posted by hadyn View Post

      Where is this "scan" button?
      That's step 4) find the Scan button

      Where ever you go, there you are.

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    Have you tried some software for file recovery? I would recommend you to take a look at the one from and I really think that it will help you with your issue. I used it to recover some databases too, and it worked perfectly
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    It depends whether or not you already placed new files on it. When you delete your system just marks the sectors empty so you can overwrite. If you have just deleted and not added anything else, you can usually recover everything. Once it's overwritten, it's hard to get back.
    Recuva is pretty decent, from the same guys that made ccleaner.
    Download Recuva | Recover deleted files, free!
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    Or just take it to Best Buy and for a fee they will set you free. Unless the images are illegal and in that event..
    A full Life Feels Good
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