2018 Official Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bonanza!

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Hey guys it's that time of the year for the biggest sales of the Season Black Friday & Cyber Monday! What is on your shopping wishlist and gift haul? What tools and websites will you be using to find the best deals? Will you be going into the stores or shop online to avoid the madness?
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    Nah, already fended off some nasty trick-or-treaters, so that is enough excitement for the foreseeable future.


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    I am trying to find a great black Friday deal on a 40" 4K Smart TV.
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    I don't think I'll be doing much this year.. the deals just don't seem to be as good as they used to... unless it's just me..
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    I agree this year alot of the major retailers have been doing "Pre-Black Friday Sales", "Black Friday Now" and "Early Black Friday" sales but if you really look at the details on the discounts it's for all the overstock and less desireble items. I had read somewhere that companies have started to make cheap versions of popular brands/models that are inferior in quality just for Door Buster's, also that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best way to clear out old stock to make way for new better items right before Christmas.
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    Namecheap is running a big promotion on Black Friday. Each hour they will feature a different product. A good deal if someone needs a new domain or hosting. Any newbies that stumble on to this post. Just visit namecheap.com
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    I'll be looking for a 34 inch monitor so I can replace my two monitor setup.
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    I just picked up my first Bargain. An Insignia 55" 4k TV with HDR and built Amazon (Fire stick type) interface. A New model.Wireless AC internet built in.

    As I type it is listed on Best Buy's website and available in store for for $379.00

    On Sunday it briefly went down to $249.00 so I snapped it up online via Paypal and picked it up yesterday. It's a phenomenal TV, especially for the money. You have to keep checking back. It briefly dropped to $279.00 on Monday but quickly went back up.

    A huge saving for me and don't be put off by it being their own brand. They do not make the panels.

    PS: If you buy one, the feet screws are in the bag with the mains lead.

    Where ever you go, there you are.

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    Just moved to another apartment, so will definitely be looking for some furniture and decor.
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    Found this so far. PureVPN lifetime subscription in just $79 (1.32 per month) 88% off
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    When I purchased my last TV for Christmas - 2016, the plan was to upgrade it, this year. Honestly. I just don't see the need.

    I still had the itch to spend some moolah, so I do believe that I have procured the most impressive costs-savings 'pre' Black Friday deal. If you can top these savings, I will call you "Daddy." This deal was so good, even though I have absolutely no use for it, whatsoever, had I not purchased it, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.

    I purchased 10 Directory Websites from the top company in the field and saved $13,775 off of retail. I got 13 'Security Upgrades' (I currently have 3 directories through them) at no cost, saving another $1235.

    I got 12 months of every add-on they have, for all 13 sites for a year, and for being a current customer they added another 6 months onto the purchase as a freebie. This generally runs $95 per month, per directory site for the 55 or so current add-ons, with all new ones added into the plan at no extra cost. So - do the math. That's $95 per month, for each of the 10 sites - for 18 months. That's $22,230. My cost = $1100.

    Total retail value for everything: $36,140. My total cost: $1825.00

    Not too shabby. :-)

    If anyone is interested in running a directory site in the New Year, PM me for info. You'll pay twice what I paid, but you'll still save 90%.

    I AM NOT an affiliate for this or any other product. I make my money the old-fashioned way. I work for it. This is simply too incredible an offer for anyone to pass-up if they are seriously interested in running a professional online directory site. I have done this for years, I have made every mistake known to man and wasted many thousands of dollars until hitting on the right solution. This platform is an A+. Everything else I have tried has ranged from a D+ to an F. You know me. It's only the very best, or nothing at all. lol

    MODS. Please edit this post to your liking if you feel that anything I have posted violates the forum rules. I am NOT trying to sell anyone anything. I am trying to GIVE them valuable information. I don't make a penny from any purchase made. This is simply, what I do. I'm a giver. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving.


    "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    I was looking into cybersecurity software for this Black Friday, found an article on Top 4 VPN deals for businesses. I personally will go for top choice for named reasons, one acc for all devices and 47.76$ for two-years is both good and affordable. Other listed choices are of huge solid VPN players, good brand names if you can pay a bit extra.
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