Proof - Behind all good Internet Marketers is an alien!

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It must be true you read it on the internet.

There is proof in the IM industry "Behind every great IMer is a alien."

To prove this without a shadow of a doubt let's look at the proof.

Proof #1. All of the aliens are located in the Antarctica. In the Antarctica aliens do not have access to the internet as we know it. The internet in Antarctica consists of Mind-to-Mind Marketing wherein the aliens took a lot of IMers hostage, forced the Imers to create lists, the aliens data mined the lists for real human information and contacted the subscribers via Mind-to-Mind communications with one message:

"Buy Now"

Proof #2. Just like the Egypt human evolution timeline there is no evidence that the Internet Marketing evolution started at any given time and that fact of proof is controlled by the aliens in Antarctica.

Note: I don't what that means because the alien that said it to me turned up the volume on the YouTube video and I didn't hear everything.

Proof #3. The top three autoresponder companies where started by humans and are now controlled by aliens in the Antarctica. AWeber was the first which really is an alien acronym for: Antarctica Web Email Responder.

Proof #4. The Warrior Forum was created by a human and is now owned and operated by an alien group in Antarctica called Freelancer or something like that. When I asked for specifics there were no answers. Go figure.

The good - the bad - The ugly

The good thing is alien women are sexy.
The bad thing is the alien women are smart.
The ugly thing is the alien men are stingy with the alien women. Meaning don't try! It can get real ugly.

When I asked the aliens if they come in peace this was met with controversy. The aliens said they did learn some good and bad things from the Internet Marketers. First the good: Do your due diligence and Second the bad: Most new IMers never listen to the first.

Last, I asked the aliens if there was a place or someone to contact for future encounters of the third kind. They kindly pointed me to:

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