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I've been using the AVG upgrade for 4 years on my desktop - can't say I NEED it but have had no incursions or bugs on that computer since I upgraded to AVG Pro.

$50 a year - auto bill - no problem.

Late December - paypal notified me of an $85 chg for the avg annual pmnt. When I asked AVG I'm told there are 'upgrades' and it's for mutliple computers and that my previous $50 was a 'sale price'....for 4 years?

I requested a refund . Had AVG contacted me to explain a price increase I might have added my laptop and been fine with the charge.

Now I know to check ANY and ALL subscriptions that charge infrequently - I assumed the seller could not change the price on a standing order...but guess I was wrong.

Who knew....
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    That happened to me years back and I also cancelled the subscription. AVG emailed me numerous offers and I declined them all.

    Switched to the free Avast because the free Avast supposedly gives the same protection without bells and whistles.
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