Charlie The Wonder Dog "Dead Man's Weir"

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This is from the Late Show, in Australia in the 80's, forgotten how funny some of their material was, and still is, (not sure if US residents will be able to watch this).

PS read the closing credits just as funny, and yeah, the dog wasn't harmed, lol.

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    But we have a p***weak Xmas special as well.

    I am stunned with Charlie's heroic list of acts, a cat couldn't put a candle near him.

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    is he related to skippy

    what did skippy say when sonny fell off the cliff?
    tch tch tch
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      Originally Posted by hardraysnight View Post

      is he related to skippy

      what did skippy say when sonny fell off the cliff?
      tch tch tch
      Skippy was a more intellectual tv series, and apart from cameo roles in 60 minutes intro's and some cooking shows, he faded into oblivion.

      In one episode alone, Charlie traverses snow, to get help, and pity it was a simulated drowning.

      But yeah, quality production, and l am sure the multiple times we see the mike, was intentional, lol.

      At least Westpac Helicopter Rescue and Newcastle Synchronized Swimming got a mention, couldn't have made it without them, lol.

      This is what free to air tv is sadly lacking, something that is frickin hilarious, and pokes fun at politically correct nutters.

      These days overweight losers, watching something on tv, while we watch them is supposed to be funny, or an English game show, (couldn't find it) where they lift weights and juggle balls inbetween frickin boring q/a sessions is supposed to be entertaining.

      Or the secret life tv series, in all honestly who gives a s***t about what a 4 year does, "wakes up, has breakfast, watches Cartoons, plays with lego all day" thrilling stuff.

      But from last count we have 57 stations in AU, (probably 12 for radio) and we have so many now, the same 100 movies are being played over and over, as well as played on several stations when it is played again.

      And from what l have read anything new is more of the same, as commercial stations figure that with all of the s***t flying about some is sure to stick, while still corralling the masses into paid Foxtel, which no one can afford now-days.

      Cooking shows, phew, when l catch that ad, l assume that it is a rerun of a Sesille Be Demille movie, and find out it is some dimwit with a broken arm, cooking something, like we should watch this one hour bore feast because he is hurt.

      I remember growing up with a half dozen tv stations and quality shows sprinkled about with movie nights of one or more decent movies.

      And if they played a movie during the day it was most likely the decent one, not the s**t one, or a remake, which is what we get now.

      City beneath the Sea is a good example, you have a great music score, great visuals and storyline, then the other one by a similar name with Vincent Price in it, and yeah, crap by comparison.

      After about 10 years of people complaining they finally played the decent one, but the other one still gets aired more.

      If it wasn't for Orville, SBS, my television would sit in a corner and collect cobwebs.

      A lot of things in this world is profit driven, which probably explains why it doesn't work.

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