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I went to a casino a few weeks back and came out with a $116.00 profit.

Last Monday I decided to spend some (profit only) on scratch off cards, $5.00 ones. I used a dispensing machine in a supermarket accross the street. There were 4 different $5.00 games to select. Two of them did not appeal as they were complicated cross referencing crossword types. Translated that means it took longer to find out that you won nothing.

So, I bought one of each of the remaining game cards each day for 5 days. Monday I won $50.00. Tuesday nothing, Wednesday I won $100.00, Thursday nothing and Friday $35.00. Total stake money $50.00, total winnings $185.00, total profits $135.00. Not a bad week then.

My normal pattern of play is just to buy one scratch off now and again, usually a $5.00 one. Have rarely won.

Now, in both cases with the cards. The odds of winning are quoted at 1 in 4.something, either money back or more.

The distribution of winnings was random enough and were made up of either multiple wins on one card or both.

I know that people who follow scratch cards tend to go for the newer cards because more big prizes are out there, the top amounts. You can look up how many top prizes are left on current card releases. Perhaps the choosing of them lessens a little once all the top prizes are gone?

So I'm wondering about how the distribution of any denomination winnings are placed in the card reels, evenly spaced, randomly spaced, in groups etc?

If my winning pattern continues I would have to say they are relatively evenly distributed.
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    My dad was a scratchers addict, so much so that he cracked the barcode. He could tell whether a card was a winner and the amount by simply scratching the very bottom of the scratchfield where a code was written. He didn't even have to scratch the playing field. This was in the 80's, so I don't know if this is still possible.

    The skill was only useful as a parlor trick. Although, at work he would sell losers to coworkers for 50% of cost until they caught on. It was done as a joke; never with the intention to cheat his coworkers. He kept the money and bought them beers at happy hour.

    Just a little story about ol' dad.

    If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.

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      Just a little story about ol' dad.
      That is a real neat story.

      Call me equally desperate & opimistic, but I regularly patrol hardware stores for PAINT.

      Most times, when I scrach the paint offa the paint can ... I discover a PAINT CAN.

      Call me real unlucky, but EVRY time I do this ... I jus' get a PAINT CAN.

      But a gal gotta pan for droids, right?

      One time, for sure, I gotta discover a cool noo automated kitchen appliance can be programed to speak dirty.

      Chance says I gotta!

      Natchrlly I want a droid fixes real au nesser frickin' saire stuffs like effortless translation, laser beam protection smarts, an' evrythin' gonna keep Mom offa my back when she plays Good Cop Bad Cop with my general apartment cleanliness ... an' it would be so sweet if said droid spoke all kinda Benedict Cumberbatch ...

      "Would Princess wish to turn out the lights for herself at this present time ... were it not for her insatiably consumer-friendly automated factotum and his multi-purpose extendible fingers?"

      "Aw, c'mon I sleepin' now, Sweetie, so go fix it. Plus also, plz wake my ass in the usual fashwaaahn ... an' find sum birds gonna love my pizza crusts ..."

      Tellya, repetitive finger rubbin' action been known to summon GENIES.

      That is why ima always cool to make out with the necessary friction

      Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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