May I know how you would handle this situation?

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Something comes up unexpectedly and you have 3 clients with hard deadlines. May I know how you would handle it?

Your input will be very much appreciated.


Edit: Something comes up unexpectedly ==>> Let's say it's an emergency.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful input.
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    "something comes up" - is not that something you HAVE to do - or something you WANT to do - or something you have an OPPORTUNITY to do?

    If you agreed to those 'hard deadlines' - my view is you do whatever necessary to meet the deadlines. Only you know if you might lose clients by not delivering on time.

    Common sense helps - emergency surgery is one thing....the chance to go on a vacation not the same.

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    Not a lot of information here to provide good suggestions. I would not accept 3 clients at the same time if they each had a hard deadline. I would have politely declined 1-2 of those clients, explaining to them that your entire attention is required on another project and I would let them know as soon as possible when I am able to focus all of my attention on them (or something along those lines). I would structure the decline so that the client understands when they have me on board, they have me on board 100%. I'm available. I'm reachable and flexible to their needs.

    Anyway, nothing feels worse than coming in late for a client. Pop in some chill tunes, grab a coffee and burn that midnight oil!
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    Thank you so much for the input. It's something like there's an unexpected happening or emergency.
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      If there is a real chance you can't make the deadline, I would be completely up front with those clients immediately. I would not just tell them the problem because that's not at all what they want to hear. You also need to come to them with a solution, and as someone has said, one option is to bring in someone else to help you get this finished. Edify that person and let your clients know the project is in good hands. You will still review the work and make sure it is acceptable. Keep your clients up to date along the way because they will be worried about potentially missing the deadline the longer you stay silent between follow ups.

      As a client, I would appreciate as much advanced notice of the issue as possible. I would appreciate the solution you are providing me and not just the problem. I would appreciate regular check ins and updates about you meeting the deadline. I would NOT appreciate being left in the dark and finding out this problem at the last minute when absolutely nothing can be done to salvage the project.
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    I would hire someone who can help do the project so I can finish all the project on or before the given deadline.
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    tell them the truth

    a few people still appreciate honesty
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    I can't thank you enough for these wonderful input, my fellow warriors.
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