Eugenics, Widely Accepted, then Widely Condemned

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I won't mention the Nazi connection other to say that after the Second World war it went out of favor.

Or publically condemned, so anyone who still believed in it, looked like fools or evil.

But it did take off in 1883, and was widely accepted in the US especially with wide ranging sterilization programs taking place, (in the US) and other countries, which was considered lawful under the US constitution.

So Doctors and such could select individuals on grounds on certain negative traits for mass sterilization.

Last century this was the most prominent and talked about subject since it held the promise of supposedly eradicating all illness, etc.

And after almost 100 years, and no doubt, movies, docs, books and organizations pushing this what looks on the surface like a valid idea, turned out to be a bad idea, causing no end of human suffering based on unproven concepts, or in other words, junk science was used for its own ends, to push a cause for its own sake!

But of course this couldn't happen now!

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    A list of some of the most famous individuals who believed and pushed this, with H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill, being a few, unfortunately.

    But back then before 1940, this was the in thing or the biggest idea of its time, based on bad, unproven theory's, junk science and hysteria.

    Perhaps more surprising still, American eugenics was neither the work of fanatics, nor the product of fringe science.

    At its peak in the 1920s, the movement was in every way mainstream, packaged as a progressive quest for "healthy babies."
    Some things never change.

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    Forest - trees. By linking to Nazism you miss much of the point.

    Even back then science understood there was a genetic determination to human traits. That was a big step. The Nazis used it to destroy but that's not the only part of the story.

    The idea of sterilizing the insane or feeble minded was shocking to the public but was a big leap in theory for the times. Science noted the 'natural selection' of many wildlife species where weaker or deformed animals are culled out of the herd by the stronger of the species. Where the strong breed with other strong members of a herd.

    There is almost always a kernel of truth in what may seem an outlandish theory....and truth is many human problems, from mental instability to a bad back, are passed on to the next generation.

    Any farmer or rancher who breeds livestock has a pattern of breeding, keeps careful records of which animals are bred which which other animals....and the decisions are made to strengthen the positive points of the breed. Also, the system prevents inbreeding which will weaken the species over time.

    Makes me wonder if manipulating DNA might be misused or weaponized in the future. You can't stop science or rewrite history and history does tend to repeat itself.

    Saving one dog will not change the world - but forever changes the world for one dog.
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      [QUOTE=Kay King;11513499

      Makes me wonder if manipulating DNA might be misused or weaponized in the future. You can't stop science or rewrite history and history does tend to repeat itself.[/QUOTE]

      with environment.. diet a,education and many other factors having a huge effect on how many genes are expressed ..

      here is how it can be weaponized now.. do one of these genetic test that tells someone they have a high potential to get a certain type of cancer ..because of their genetics .. and get them on some pricey medical treatment now that should prevent them getting that cancer ..

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  • Gotta figure eugenics leapt up outta ideas of fake purity.

    ie, in an evolvin' Cosmos beyond evrywan's control, we could place a STOP on stuff we don't wanna so's the cool stuffs can thrive.

    tbh, the eugenics heyday got plenty parallels with where we at now.

    But I figure now we realised dumpin' plaaastic in the ocean is so way stoopid that mebbe intrinsic global diversity got a place at evrywan's table.

    Trooly, Kay, I take your point 'bout horse stuffs, but we also got people breedin' cutesy li'l pugs gonna spend mosta their lives suffocatin' half to death ... an' there ain't no pooch so immaculately primed for 'bad back' sufferin' as no frickin' dachshunds can't hold up their middles bcs they been bred way too long.

    Thing always 'bout science is how it uncovers the truth 'bout stuff.

    Before we can manipulate DNA for nefarious purposes, we gotta know DNA exists.

    In this sense, I figure science is inherently benevolent -- an opportoonity to discovah stuff that ultimately stops us bein' ignorant, even if we don't like what we find to be true ... an' later misuse our own smarts.

    Course, I say this as an optimistic WONDER kinda person, lookin' in sweet on so many science stuffs dragged hoomanity outta the swamp.

    Can't imagine Newton would wanna WEAPONIZE the inevitable cavin' in to gravity of my perky Princess boobies, but there are plenty reasons why the 'generality of trueness' that is pinpoint science could manifest (or be seen to manifest) as sum specific value-led truth.

    That is why I always read the small print on bra promo, I guess.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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