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What is your experience in getting more clients for a particular niche? I mean, which niche has a great scope in writing articles and blogs overall?
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    Your question is a bit like asking what food is preferred all over the world. Hard to say, and kind of irrelevant.

    There are so many topics and industries that have a lot of audiences that I don't think a person can say them all.

    If you are asking this to choose a niche to work in, I don't think this is the best approach.

    Sure, it's not worth it to master the invisible nothing that no one cares about, but you want to go in the direction of your passions ultimately. If you care about something, you will write with heart. And writing with heart means to have success at it.

    My strong niches are only 9, and they all have a big audience. I am sure there are plenty others that have it as well.
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    There are a LOT of niches that have a large following. However, I think you should be asking yourself better questions - how do I become better at 1. Writing blog content and 2. Marketing my content.

    If you are in the number 1 ranked niche in the world (although I don't think niches can really be ranked like that), and you don't know how to market or write, it won't really matter will it?

    I'm sure if you look up seemingly obscure niches, you will find a surprisingly large niche and bloggers within that niche making a nice monthly income. If you are good at marketing, you can do well in any of the 10 niches you can name off the top of your head.
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    Getting clients for any niche is very easy. It all depends on which niche you have an interest in, since you'll not be a Jack of all trades. Actually, what makes many people to fail is the desire to write about everything. Follow your passion and write perfectly, then you'll get a good following. Rather than going for a crowded niche and struggling to work your way up without passion, its better to go for a niche that you are passionate about
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    If you are planning to start writing, you are using the wrong method. The idea is you don't write on a popular topic but a topic you enjoy writing about. This way, you will have enough content to share with your followers. They will be happy to come again and read more.
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      Yes, but it will be a narrow circle. If the number of subscribers is important then you need to write high-quality and relevant content. If you write on an uninteresting topic, then you will have a narrow circle, which is interesting to your blog.
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