Digital Nomads, Ireland maybe?

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(CNN) -- With a population on the wane since the 19th century, the picturesque Irish island of Arranmore is down to its last 469 residents.
Determined to keep their community alive, islanders have taken an unusual step -- writing open letters to the people of the United States and Australia, asking them to consider moving to the island, three miles off the west coast of County Donegal in Ireland.
Irish island of Arranmore asks Americans to move there

"We've a whole host of multi-talented people here, ready to collaborate," the letters read, citing a graphic designer, a mobile games developer, a photographer and an app developer. "Or if you're looking for a change of pace. Why not come here. Your commute, no matter where you are, will only ever be five minutes."
Joe Mobley
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    I've been there , it's a very remote , and having to ferry to mainland to get anything , but sure cheap place to live , and peace and quiet
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    I'm a digital nomad myself.

    Getting the nomad community to go there is going to be rough, there's no draw.

    Having people from the US and Australia go there isn't sustainable because most won't stay after the first 6 months to a year as there's nothing to do.

    The town could work with their government and set up an offshore bank there, offer citizenship for 5 years of stay there or some other such draw.

    It's the same reasons malls have anchor stores (the big department stores). People come for them and then spill over into the other shops.

    They need a draw.
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  • Gotta figure in the fyooture we gonna have teleport-on-demand lifestyle enhancers.

    Back in the day, this was called Lyrical Asshole with Lute & Donkey Combo (acronym: MINSTREL).

    Along with strollin' players, those guys kept alla the backwater incest communities from shootin' 'emselves -- an' this was way before anywan got guns.

    So if I were nomadically digitallin' myself sweet ovah there in Ireland, I would wanna mix up the terminally desolate with the affirmingly resolute an' dial me up a NIGHT CLUB.

    Yeah so it is Friday night, an' I been writin' away in my trad Oirish barn alongside sum ditzy French gal who got her own self-butterin' baguette biz, an' we fancy stompin' out togethah with a buncha random guys an' sum hot sounds.

    For sure this ain't happnin' in downhome Arranmore ... unless ...

    the lifestyle enhancin' teleport people drop their Full Trance & Boobies Sesh outta the Med for like a coupla hours.

    An' we go dancin'.

    We get hungry later, mebbe they can whooshy in sumthin' neat an' noodly from Japan.

    Or mebbe the ONE COP in this vacuous Emerald Isle Wilderness is in on the scheme an' he can fix us a SHAMROCK SANDWICH ... complete with the kitchen in which he slapped alla the ingredients togethah.

    Spaces on demand!

    That is sooooo the fyootyure!

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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      You got'ta love a "ditzy French gal who got her own self-butterin' baguette".

      Being willing to "drop her Boobies Sesh" is a bonus.

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      Joe Mobley


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    Originally Posted by Joe Mobley View Post

    The landscape used to be pristine, but not now, so l will pass.

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