Even animals need a helping hand and a friendly face sometimes.

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Early one Sunday morning last year, I heard a rattling sound at the back door. Upon investigation, I got quite a shock.The head of young black and with goat was protruding through the cat flap.It was thrusting its head vigorously through the cat flap, clearly very determined to gain entrance to the house. I quickly shut the flap, but the small goat butted it and continued to noisily push for entry. It was as if this was its home. I opened back door and the goat quickly decided this was another entrance option. I only just managed to keep the mystery goat out.
So , I headed out the front door and went round to where our persistent visitor was seeking entrance. After taking a photo, I led the goat by its trailing chain to the garage area to try and find it shelter as it was raining quite heavily. Up to now this mystery goat had seemed quit friendly,but suddenly its focus was butting me with its sharp-looking horns As i was still wearing pyjamas and feeling more than a little nervous, I hot- tailed it down the driveway, hoping to escape and find safety behind a nearby gate.
The goat chased after me and as I reached the geat it was right behind me. Shouting in the hope of dissuading it from butting me I managed to tie its chain to the fence. Relieved, Now my question was, whose goat was this? Eureka! The visiting goat was returned to the house just 100 metres. the owners were midly surprised to hear about their missing goat's adventures and so concluded one of the funniest things i have ever witnessed.
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