YouTube Faces $53 BILLION Dollar Fine If They Don't Listen to The NEW Youtubers Union

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Apparently the organizations behind this have some clout.

15.000 members in a short time.
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    Yes, l might sign up for that, considering the stacking advertising taking place, or l get one, that fast clicking will not remove anymore then another one.

    It is getting so bad if l come across a music video with this s***t, l will just skip it, than tolerate it.

    One stupid ad, you can skip was tolerable, but this isn't, or it is more greed than being reasonable.

    I hope they succeed.

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      Yyou tube doesn't give a crap about content creators . Only advertisers . And the issue tag pointed out . The multiple adds or the 30 second unskippable adds .

      And the hidden adds that seem to pop up right when you are doing something else . Why in a ten minute video do I deal with an hours worth of adds .

      In any case content creators really have no power how many times does YouTube have to demonitize you without explanation .

      And now that the general feeling is that social media you tube face book Twitter . Patreon . Are attempting to silence people with different pitical views .

      By labalekng all different political views as hate speech .

      The only real recourse for the unions is to go after the advertisers
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      Originally Posted by mindtricks18 View Post

      Pretty sad people have to form a union for FREE SPEECH.
      It isn't a matter of free speech . It is youtube using their Monopoly position to get out of paying content creators any way they can.

      It is just a bad idea to but your main income in the hands .or the coding of a constantly changing algorythym .

      Am I blaming the victims .YouTube has been doing this constantly for almost 5 years ..or sense shortly after it opened up monitization to everyone

      There is a popular story in some old book about not building your house on shifting sand
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    YT have backtracked a little, (the ad on the video, allows you to get rid of it, without having to full screen it first) but other new annoying issues like 2 ad's, with some BS thing to click so you go to the next one, still remains, (very annoying, l mean who wants to click on something to see a stupid ad, well, stupid, loud ad).

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    Anyone who doesn't run an Adblocker on YouTube deserves to have ads forced on them.
    Why do garden gnomes smell so bad?
    So that blind people can hate them as well.
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