Now these guys are smart.....

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Robbers caught using 'the worst disguise ever'
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    What idiots!

    I bet that didnt wash off for days haha
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    I suggest that they could paint clothes on their bodies next time, so they could save the money on clothes
    A reliable China wholesale
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    haha, very interesting indeed! I cant believe they actually did that...who are so dumb and idiotic these days!

    newbie here, is this offer any good? need feedback before i go ahead..... cheers. google sniper

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  • Lmao you gotta love people who do things like this, I can add two stories to this, I can't supply details as I'm quoting from a book I read on random weird stuff, and it had stupid criminals in there (gotta go find this book lol) anyway... one criminal held up a post office and got away with the money, when he got to his getaway car he realised that he had left his keys inside. He went back to the post office to try and get them back, the staff locked the door before he could get in and the police then showed up and he was subsequently captured. Also another story about another robber who was obviously a mensa candidate, this one should be one of the pics next to "FAIL" in the dictionary lol. He tried to hold up the store and completely failed to intimidate the clerk, for one thing, his weapon of choice was not threatening at all, he held them up with a screwdriver. Also, his girlfriend accompanied him with their young infant child. WTF?????? Lmao
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    They should found a funny group.
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