Thinking Of Moving Family TO AUS/NZ

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Hey Warriors

I am 27 years old and engaged, I also have a little boy who is almost 3
I am from the UK and am a qualified electrician, my partner is a youth worker.

I have been out of work now for almost 6 months (although I make some money from IM) with no sign of anything getting better on the job front me and my partner have been seriously thinking of emegrating to Australia or possibly New Zealand.

What I would like to ask you guys is where would be the best place to settle down with a family ie. best schools, best property prices, best standard of living etc?

Will it be easy for both of use to find work? is there a shortage of electricians? is there jobs in the youth work sector ie working with young kids?

Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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    Just a suggestion, Try contacting the unions and/or trade groups. Also Monster or Job boards.

    In addition, you may want to find out what the requirements are for getting your own license.

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    Lets see available jobs a plenty in a great city with extra cheap housing, and high standard of living, all of the homes have faulty wiring so there is a high demand for a sparky, and super fantastic schools.

    yep we have all of that DownUnder but the real drama is because all of the kids are in great schools, have a good standard of living and live in a great city there is not much call for youth workers, the little buggers are happy, so i suppose that rules Oz out.
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    I've been out of NZ for a long time now so can't advise on the market but I think Electrians are a shortage. You would need to have registration to work in NZ ( I'd suggest checking what you need to do for registration and then contacting a few employers to ask about the market and potential jobs. Immigration is easier if you have a job to go to.

    I haven't lived in Australia but my understanding is that cost of living in NZ is cheaper but wages aren't as good.

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    There is a shortage of qualified tradespeople - electricians in particular - in many cities around Australia.

    If you think you can be comfortable with a winter season that is warmer than your UK summer, and summers that are like being in an oven, then come on over!
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    Bianca is right about the shortage of tradespeople, Bryan. Sparkies are always in demand.

    If I had to decide between Aus & NZ, I'd pick Aus. Practice saying fush & chups, otherwise they wouldn't understand you.

    <edit> On the other hand...we don't know which part of the UK you are from. Perhaps we won't understand a word you say either.


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    For me, finding and moving from one place to another is not hard to do.
    1st you have to establish a good and stable jobs for you and your family...
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    Warm winters, I would love to live in Australia. Somebody hire me so I can get work approval and visas and stuff faster before it gets too cold here! Do the visas say you have to leave after a certain amount of time?

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